Creating contacts database

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Creating contacts database

Post by aedanna » 09 Oct 2014 16:37


I am new to Gephi and this forum. I have been playing with Gephi for a month or so. I have created CSV and Excel spreadsheets to use in Gephi, but am just starting with gexf. I understand it is XML based, but am a novice with XML.

I am looking to build a dual purpose database to keep track of all my contacts and personal connections. I would prefer the database to be easily editable via a web interface so I can update it from any platform, laptop, phone, tablet, etc. I would like the database to be able to export to a format Gephi supports, likely gexf. I would also like the database to be able to export to a contacts database that can be read into Outlook, Google contacts and IOs.

I am a novice coder, I am a hardware engineer, so I am more familiar with Perl than other languages, but Python is an option. I have been considering mySQL, but have no experience with that.

I am looking for the for a tool and database that can be easily exported to multiple formats.

Please ask any questions you may have.


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