#madewithgephi : the community talks about their studies

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Re: #madewithgephi : the community talks about their studies

Post by ihanna » 10 Jun 2012 16:07

mr.sande wrote:I have been using Gephi for a school assignment. Me and another student used Gephi to explore the source code of a couple of software projects. maybe there is some other website that I could go to?
The code we wrote isn't perfect, its only meant to be good enough to do the assignment.

The code and .gdf files are available at:
Hey mate. I would love it if you would share to me your trick in there. Can you give me an overview of what you are doing? And how? Also a step-by-step procedure to it? My professor is asking for a detailed review of this and I do not have any idea if what it is all about. I wish you could help me? Or any suggestions, My paper is due on Tuesday. Thanks mate.

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Re: #madewithgephi : the community talks about their studies

Post by joemitchell » 15 Dec 2012 12:51

Hello Gephi-ers,

Here's a use of Gephi to map the network of twiplomacy (world leaders on twitter.

http://joe-mitchell.com/2012/12/07/draw ... diplomats/

One example below:


I would really appreciate any expert feedback on how to do some more complex visualisation, such as how to weight nodes or edges by number of replies/RTs etc. There are lots more ideas in the blog post.

Any other ideas of ways to represent this stuff are very welcome! (For example, I think some dynamic analysis - watching new leaders join the Twiplomacy network and see who connects with them quickest, would be great fun.)

Thanks for reading.

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Re: #madewithgephi : the community talks about their studies

Post by jay.pi99 » 15 Aug 2014 04:58

thanks for your sharing very much !
i will use them well . Great forum to visit.
Regard !

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