Tripartite network with multimode projections

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Tripartite network with multimode projections

Post by saunila » 20 Nov 2017 15:30

I'm using Gephi 0.9.1.
I'm trying to analyze a tripartite network: administrators, companies and mother-companies. An administrator can work in several companies and a company employs several administrator. Several companies can belong to the same mother-companies and one company can belong to several mother-companies.
I load the tripartite data into Gephi (see attached Tripartite.gephi and png). Use the multimode plugin to collapse the company/mothercompany- mothercompany/company levels. I get a bipartite network (see attached Bipartite.gephi and png). No problem. It works fine.
Now the trick is that I get companies with links between each other.
I run the multimode network once again to collapse administrator/company-company/administrator. I get a monopartite network with ghost links refering to nodes that don't exist anymore (see Monopartite.png): between A1 and A3, A3 and A5. Moreover, the linking is missing all the links through a company-company link. Basically, all administrators should be connected to each other and they are not. For example, A4 is connected to A5 through C3-C1. The gephi save file gets corrupted from there and is unloadable so I don't attach it.
Has anyone had the same problem? How did you solve it? Any suggestions otherwise?
Thanks a million
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Re: Tripartite network with multimode projections

Post by eduramiba » 20 Nov 2017 15:45

Does it work fine with 0.9.2 (apply updates after install)?

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