MST via script-plugin via underlyingGraph

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MST via script-plugin via underlyingGraph

Post by rbelew » 02 Dec 2014 21:05

i needed a MST in gephi, and it gave me a chance to play with the Gython/script-plugin facility. the general facility seems a fantastic addition to gephi, thanks very much to all involved in this extension.

but i wound up having to interact with the "underlying" graph because i could not traverse the main graph `g` itself as i'd expected. here's what worked for me:

Code: Select all

subtrees = UnionFind()
Tree = []
nlist = [n for n in g.underlyingGraph.nodes]
sList = []
for u in nlist:
    inbr = [e for e in u.getEdgesInTree()]
    onbr = [e for e in u.getEdgesOutTree()]
    nbrs = inbr + onbr
    for e in nbrs:
        sList.append( (e.weight,u, )
for W,u,v in sList:
    if subtrees[u] != subtrees[v]:
(this is Kruskal's algorithm, depending on a UnionFind operator, like that provided by David Epstein's PADS library )

i was unable to use the `neighbors()` function mentioned in the script-plugin doc; it generates: "AttributeError: 'org.gephi.graph.dhns.node.AbstractNode' object has no attribute 'neighbors' "

hopes this is of use to others, and i'm curious if others have a cleaner solution?

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