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Re: GeoLayout

Post by paulmlovejr » 23 Oct 2013 14:26

A follow-up question to the previous one relating to coordinates. So, I now have a .csv file with all entities and corresponding time intervals and geographic coordinates. Now I am trying to figure out how to visualize concentration of nodes in the same places. As it is right now, I have the same visual representation for one person in one city as I do for 150 people in the same city. Would this be another plug-in or simply changing a setting in Gephi itself?

Thanks in advance for any help!

All the very best,

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Re: GeoLayout

Post by mtcollins » 30 Nov 2013 20:19

Associated question (possible solution?) related to paulmlovejr's inquiry. If a specific location appears numerous times, can the node simply increase in size to indicate greater frequency? If so, how?

And a WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY DATA???! question. I have the following: a date, city name, and locations indicated via longitude and latitude in degrees, with the coordinates doubled upon import of an excel sheet I saved as a csv file. With all of this in place, nodes appear, sometimes. But not at all in a visually coherent way, in accordance with the coordinates I entered. And then, when I fiddle, nothing appears at all.

Very, very simply. I want to put nodes, without edges, on a map (I've seen there's a plugin for that) in accordance with the coordinates I've already gathered. (I dreamed of time lapsing them, but that dream has been dashed by my total incompetence here.) What simple steps do I take do make that happen-- correctly?

A general comment (administrators!!): reading this forum, it looks like "newbies" have at least set foot in computer science departments and the like a few times. I have been studying literature and art all my life. I'm pre-newbie. From the level of knowing NOTHING in this arena, it is quite difficult to conceptually access Gephi via the tutorial and this forum... Maybe a Gephi for (total!) Dummies could be a good thing?!

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Re: GeoLayout

Post by neelshiv » 22 May 2014 14:25

Anybody have any tips on correctly aligning a world map image with my saved gephi output?

Gustavo Soldati
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Re: GeoLayout

Post by Gustavo Soldati » 25 Jun 2014 21:00

Hello, I am Brazilian, so I apologize for any mistakes in my English.

As "rlike", I am having problems with importing the geographic coordinates of my network. I followed all the steps described here, but still could not organize my graph following the coordinates of my nodes. When I use "GeoAtlas" algorithm, nothing happens. I've tried three ways:

1) Like in (
- I imported my data in the format "cvs." Including two columns of coordinates, "longitude" and "latitude";
- I tried to use the "Date Lab/More Actions" and click in "Set Standard Column" and assign each column as X and Y coordinates;
- but without success with GeoAtlas.

2) Acknowledging that in the database "airlines.sample" (available here in Gephi page) the two coordinate columns were designated as "double", I tried to use the "Date Lab / More Actions" tool and "Recast Column "to change my column type. I changed the type "String" to "Double". This step resulted in two new columns, "Latitude Double" and "Longitude Double".
- I tried to use these two columns in GeoAltlas, but again without success.

3) Finally, I tried to assign these two new columns, "Latitude Doble " and "Longitude Doble", the status of standar column by "Date Lab / More Actions" click "Set Standard Column" option.
- Again it still fails.

I think I must be missing some detail because, despite trying many options, the use of Geo Atlas algorithm does not follow me any graph organized by the coordinates of the nodes.

Best regars

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Re: GeoLayout

Post by edumartin7 » 18 Oct 2014 12:03

I am trying to use gephi to represent bike stations(nodes) and journeys of them(edges).
I have latitude and longitude coordinates of stations, when I run Geolayout nodes disappear. I have read in this forum gephi has problems with longitutes near 0 and all of my nodes are near 0 (-0.1.....).
What could I do?
I attach the file

Please help!
Many thanks
Stations from Barclays.csv
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Re: GeoLayout

Post by cecitomassini » 22 Nov 2017 02:19

Does anyone know how to solve the adjustment problem between the map and the nodes? How in the example of the photo.
Thank you from Rio de Janeiro!!
Captura de pantalla 2017-11-21 23.14.15.png
problems to adjust the map to the data

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