Adapting Node Images

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Re: Adapting Node Images

Post by delgado.diez.rodrigo » 17 May 2014 00:16

eduramiba wrote:Hi,
I also have this problem.

It seems that the there is no PropertyEditor available for
I am not sure if this is caused by Java 7 or a change in Netbeans integrated editors.

Anyway, I made a pull request to use a simple String for better compatibility.

I attach the new plugin files for manual installation for those of you that have this problem.

That was the point! Right now it works perfectly, thanks for your help.

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Re: Adapting Node Images

Post by Edw4rds » 26 Jul 2016 21:45

I am seeking advice on a new project. I have 8,000 scanned images of hand-written manuscript pages (no OCR) that were later turned into a book. I would like to load these images into a network map in Gephi so that researchers can visually see connections between the pages. Some of the pages are story (with multiple versions), some are commentary on the manuscript by the author, some are plot notes but none of this is OCRd so we need to rely on the images to tell the story in addition to the file naming structure used for the scans. I see that Gephi works well with row/column data but in my case it is the page image that I would like to display as a node rather than a word.

Is Gephi the right tool for this or do you have any suggestions on a different tool to use for this type of project?

If Gephi is the right tool, how do I get started?

many thanks,

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Re: Adapting Node Images

Post by nNadine1992 » 03 Aug 2016 14:28


I am currently trying to figure out the same thing if that works, adding pictures instead of shapes!

Did you figure out yet if it works, Edward?


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