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Linux HiDPI

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 20:01
by rainbert
I'm using gephi on an archlinux system with a 4k screen (HiDPI, "retina display" with 285dpi).
When I start gephi everything – the whole GUI – looks terribly small and the program is not really usable.
It seems gephi assumes 96dpi screens and does not read the system's dpi configuration.

- Is there a way to configure gephi to follow the X / KDE dpi settings?
- Does anyone else use gephin on Linux with a HiDPI screen?
- Did I overlook any option such as a GUI scaling factor?
- Actually, this issue has been raised on github in 2015 and the bug got fixed/closed pretty quickly. But I cannot see any effect. Does anybody know bout this? ... e555895e1c

Thanks a lot.

Re: Linux HiDPI

Posted: 13 Jan 2018 17:43
by eduramiba
These hidpi problems were only fixed in Mac OS, unfortunately it's not possible to fix them in Windows and Linux before Java 9

I have not tried Java 9 yet, but please tell us about your experience if you do.