Friendship Matrix Import

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Friendship Matrix Import

Post by cjones12 » 28 Nov 2016 16:00

Hoping for some help with some data I'm trying to import into Gephi. Here's the situation: each row represents one Individual, who lists up to 25 friends - this is the first 26 columns (Column A is the ID for the Individual and Columns B - Z are the Friends). Each Friend is listed in a single column in the row. The next 24 columns ask who Friend 1 knows (out of Friends 2-25). 0 means no relationship and a relationship is coded with 1 for Friend 2, 2 for Friend 3, 3 for Friend 4 (etc. up to 24 for Friend 25). This is repeated for Friend 2 for the next 24 columns, leaving the column for Friend 2's relationship to Friend 1 blank and the next column is Friend 3 (coded with 0 for no relationship and 2 for a relationship - same pattern for Friend 1's relationships). This is done for each of the 25 Friends, leaving columns blank is the relationship was already coded (the data is undirected).

There are 100 Individuals listing their friends (so there are 100 rows). The relationships are coded the same way for each row. The ultimate goal is to import this into Gephi with 100 networks in a single Workspace (1 network for each Individual's Friendship Group). What are your suggestions about how to get started? Is there any plug-in I should be using to help?

Any advice is appreciated

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Re: Friendship Matrix Import

Post by adivlad » 18 Nov 2017 21:40

I think I understand your problem. But that type of matrix is useful when you use UCINET. It is the kind of matrix used for connections in a 1-mode network. For Gephi you need to change the format. So, use the typical way of entering data for Gephi:
Source, Target, Type
Person 1, Friend 1, undirected
Person 1, Friend 2, undirected
Person 1, Friend N, undirected

And so on.
Hope I was helpful.

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