Help to choose the right file format

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Help to choose the right file format

Post by admin » 09 Jun 2011 11:06

Here we start a topic dedicated to help people to choose the right file format for their data.

All supported formats are explained on this page.

This chart indicates if the features exist in each format:

Some details:

* Visualization attributes: Only GraphML, GDF and GEXF importers are able to recognize nodes position, color and size attributes. Positions in Pajek NET files are also found.
* Hierarchical graphs: Implemented since Gephi 0.7.
* Dynamic: See details on GEXF specification page.
* Spreadsheet: Node tables and edge tables can be loaded in the Data Laboratory only.

The following decision tree will help you to select the encoding format of your data, regardless technical constraints. Formats at the top can express more features than those at the bottom.

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