Is it possible to analyse product sales?

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Is it possible to analyse product sales?

Post by cironis » 15 Feb 2017 21:26

I work with marketing and I would like to graph the relation ship between products that were sold. Basically show which products are bought together.

I have a dataBase that shows which products were bought in each transaction: something like this:

Transaction ID Product

Transaction1 Product1
Transaction1 Product2
Transaction2 Product1
Transaction3 Product1
Transaction3 Product2
Transaction3 Product3
Transaction4 Product3
Transaction5 Product1
Transaction5 Product2
Transaction6 Product1

I imagine that each product would be a node, the edges would be how they appear in the same transaction and weight would be how often they appear in the same transaction. How should I structure my data?

Thank You Very Much

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Re: Is it possible to analyse product sales?

Post by eduramiba » 16 Feb 2017 20:05

You can use the spreadsheet edges table format and then use the multimode network plugin: ... ph-en.html

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