Large Network Visualization Online through shingle.js Javascript library

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Large Network Visualization Online through shingle.js Javascript library

Post by ayalpinkus » 15 Jul 2017 19:48

Hi all,
not sure if this is the right place to post...

For a project, I developed a technology, shingle.js that can display very large graphs online through Javascript, and I was wondering if it would be useful to offer it as a plugin for Gephi somehow? I'm new to this project, so any advice would be helpful.

You can see it in action here, visualizing a network of 500,000 nodes, but we also have a 15 million node network running, with 213 million edges. You can pan and zoom and click on the nodes.

The code for the tile generation and visualization is open source, and it is released under the Apache license and hosted on Github:

It works as follows: a C++ program reads the large graph and divides it into tiles through a quad tree. The Javascript can then read the quad tree and decide which tiles to load, based on the current view of the graph. It does this by dynamically modifying an SVG element on the page, inserting and removing graphical elements on the go as you pan and zoom.

You can see the quads in action here: ... bugQuads=1

I am writing you because, even though I have no plans to use it myself - as you can see from my website, I am a cartoonist now - I would enjoy seeing this technology used more. I believe no one else has done this before: a tile-based vector-based engine to view very large graphs online.

Would there be interest for a plugin of this nature? I can imagine it being really cool to create a layout in Gephi for a huge network, with OpenOrd, say, and to then be able to export it in a format that can be displayed in a browser online without any necessary browser plugins, or not?


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Re: Large Network Visualization Online through shingle.js Javascript library

Post by eduramiba » 17 Jul 2017 14:16

Hi Ayal,

Great! This might work as a Gephi exporter plugin.
Check some real plugin examples: ... maExporter ... t-To-Earth

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