Multiple groups using sigma.js

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Multiple groups using sigma.js

Post by hyuecn » 14 Apr 2017 12:22

Dear all,

I'm using the sigma.js plugin to export a network and wondered if anyone had experience of adding multiple group filters to the visualisation.

My network shows trade between nations, and at present, I am using an attribute which identifies which region the country is in as the group selector. I have a few different node and edge attributes in my network and I would like to use some of those as filters too. For example, I have an edge attribute for year and another for the item being traded, and it would be interesting to use these in the visualisation.

Furthermore, is it possible to include specific group names when using the selector? I have string values for the regional groups, and the sigma.js' default 'group 1' 'group 2' coding isn't especially helpful.

Any advice on this would be most welcome.


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