Edge weight as a distance

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Edge weight as a distance

Post by alexandramiller » 21 Dec 2017 09:47

Hello All,

I am a PhD student researching the social organisation of a monkey supergroup.
I am trying to visualise a social network where I have the distance between all individuals (nodes).
I have 400 individuals and know the edge weight in distance between all individuals.
It is similar to the flight path network (with distance between airports) (however in those tutorials they use Latitude and Longitude in the node file) where i have:
Source Target Distance
indiv1 indiv2 7
indiv2 indiv3 14

indiv1 indiv400 7000

and the node file is:
ID Label Sex_Category
indiv1 1 AdultMale
indiv2 2 AdultFemale
indiv3 3 Juvenile

If anyone is interested/to avoid confusion, the data was collected by:
Sitting in the forest (usually in the rain:/) and watching a long progression of 400 monkeys move past me in single file, recording the time each one passed me.

I created a matrix of all indiv (1-400indiv) so have the distance (in seconds) between all monkeys
indiv1 indiv2 indiv3 indix4..........
indiv1 0 4 10 40
indiv2 4 0 37 45
indiv3 10 37 0
indiv4 40 45

Would really appreciate some help if anyone can assist!

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