Plot size-node size ratio

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Plot size-node size ratio

Post by GeroKn » 13 Nov 2017 16:16

Hi everybody,

I am really amazed by the ForceAtlas 2 algorithm, which does basically exactly what I want. However, I have one issue which I don't know how to solve:

The sizes of the nodes in my network represent the frequency of a specific state. I would like the total graph area to be 100%, and a node representing a state with 20% frequency to cover an area of 20% of the whole plot.

How could I possibly achieve that? The area covered by the graph seems to be not fixed. Also, how is the node size defined? Is that number proportional to the diameter or the area?

I would be really great if somebody could help me out!


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Re: Plot size-node size ratio

Post by corrado33 » 20 Dec 2017 19:29

In the "appearance" tab in the upper left of the "overview", you can see "nodes".

Click on that.

Then to the right of the words "nodes" and "edges" you see a paint palette, some concentric circles, the letter A, and two "T"s.

Click on the concentric circles.

Then select your frequency column title. Then click apply.

Make sure you check the "adjust by sizes" option in the force atlas settings or you'll get some overlap.

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