Layout/Positioning based on distance to center

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Layout/Positioning based on distance to center

Post by Peter22 » 30 Jun 2017 02:52


is it possible to apply a layout (like the Fruchterman Reingold) and dictate the distance of any node to the center?

I have 25 different nodes, each of them has a value between 2 000 and 10 000 and I want the nodes with the higher values to be positioned closer to the center. (Theoretically they are all linked to the center (node), but I don't want these links to be shown)

So the forced layout should be applied to position the nodes evenly in a layout with the according distance to the center.

Additionally, all the 25 nodes are linked with different strenghts/weights to each other.Here higher edge values should lead to thicker edges between the nodes, the distance in terms of length of an edge between two nodes doesn't matter (position of nodes dictated in the first step should be kept!)

And is it then possible to set a cutoff value (weight>x) to only show edges with edge weights above the cutoff value?

Thanks in advance!


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