Getting a graph to load as dynamic

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Getting a graph to load as dynamic

Post by jalving » 05 Jul 2016 06:36


I'm a new user to Gephi, and was hoping to use it to visualize some pressure dynamics in a network of nodes.
All of the nodes correctly display size or color according to their pressure at any given time, but the graph will not SHOW the dynamics. I have to click Apply at each time to see the change.

I think it's because my nodes load as dynamic, but my graph does not. During the prompt on import of my .gexf file, it says my graph is not dynamic. However, it works with the example dynamic files, which leaves me clueless about what's happening. Here is a reduced gexf file that will not load as a dynamic graph:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gexf xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.2">
  <graph mode="dynamic" defaultedgetype="directed" timeformat="float">
    <attributes class="node" mode="dynamic">
      <attribute id="0" title="pressure" type="float"/>
      <node id="0" label="gasnode">
          <attvalue start="0.0" value="52.93987197015467" end="2.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="2.0" value="54.713581646297094" end="3.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="3.0" value="55.36430572341447" end="4.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="4.0" value="55.91587409828023" end="5.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="5.0" value="56.40716122001294" end="6.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="6.0" value="56.84573702557772" end="7.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="7.0" value="57.23081694802455" end="8.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="8.0" value="57.53985262043614" end="9.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="9.0" value="57.62978096451122" end="10.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="10.0" value="56.20849195420343" end="11.0" for="0"/>
      <node id="1" label="gasnode">
          <attvalue start="0.0" value="51.022578813826506" end="2.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="2.0" value="51.33580729394948" end="3.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="3.0" value="51.85518201087324" end="4.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="4.0" value="52.3884076382347" end="5.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="5.0" value="52.86433754648374" end="6.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="6.0" value="53.27197628277939" end="7.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="7.0" value="53.61355886223689" end="8.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="8.0" value="53.887458010963805" end="9.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="9.0" value="54.06076329106301" end="10.0" for="0"/>
          <attvalue start="10.0" value="53.786318078356466" end="11.0" for="0"/>
      <edge id="0" source="0" target="1"/>
I am using Gephi 0.9.1 201510222201 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks for any help.

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