dynamic graph model via API

Evolution and dynamics on networks in Gephi: UI, data formats, algorithms...
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dynamic graph model via API

Post by alexpgp » 13 Dec 2016 13:11

Hi all,
i import some network data from a database.
I manged to create a gephi graph (adding nodes and edges), saving it to a gephi project file or gexf file.

Now I try to make a dynamic graph.
I followed the api example ImportDynamic. However my exported gexf files are static, while the example files have <graph mode="slice" defaultedgetype="directed" timerepresentation="timestamp" timestamp="2007">.
-> so how can I turn a 'static' gephi graph into a dynamic snapshot in order to export it to gexf?

An alternative approach would be to directly create a dynamic graph adding dynamic nodes / attributes via the API. However, I could not finde some example code illustrating how this could be done.
Any hints?

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