Status of GEXF libs

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Status of GEXF libs

Post by dlindbo » 28 Jun 2012 15:57

Hi All!

First off, let me say that I think Gephi is outstanding and that the GEXF format is great too!

I'm setting up a rather substantial project in my professional role (telecoms) where Gephi+GEXF will (hopefully) be fundamental components. What I'm wondering here is what the status is of the various libraries for reading/writing GEXF files.

I realize this might not be a perfect question in this forum, but I'm thinking that the kind of experience that I'm asking for might live here nonetheless.

The python module, pygexf, does not apear to be able to read GEXF output from Gephi, because the ID field is not exported for edges (this is an easy fix in pygexf, admittedly). Is this correct; is pygexf no longer maintained; is it not used together with Gephi to any great extent?

What about the Java and C++ libraries?

Best regards,
Dag Lindbo

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Re: Status of GEXF libs

Post by admin » 28 Jun 2012 18:13


C/C++ lib -> NOT maintained
pygexf -> maintained on demand, contact Paul Girard
rgexf -> maintained
gexf4j -> maintained
graph-gexf.perl -> status unknown
gexf-js -> maintained
sigma.js -> maintained

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