Include gephi commands?

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Include gephi commands?

Post by miturian » 18 May 2012 15:33

I am producing a lot of gexf-files which are then opened in gephi to use its "gravity"-algorithms for sorting the network. However, the default values in gephi are way off, and it's getting annoying to always reset the same two numbers whenever I load a new file. Is it possible to include that kind of info in the gexf-file? Like, "repulsion strength=5000", "attraction strength=1". A way to change the presets in gephi would also work.

thanks :)

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Re: Include gephi commands?

Post by admin » 18 May 2012 16:02


Presets are not saved in GEXF but in Gephi files. You can also save and load layout presets by the bottom of this panel.

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