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by adivlad
18 Nov 2017 21:40
Forum: Data Import / Export
Topic: Friendship Matrix Import
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Re: Friendship Matrix Import

I think I understand your problem. But that type of matrix is useful when you use UCINET. It is the kind of matrix used for connections in a 1-mode network. For Gephi you need to change the format. So, use the typical way of entering data for Gephi: Source, Target, Type Person 1, Friend 1, undirecte...
by adivlad
18 Nov 2017 21:30
Forum: Filtering, Ranking & Interacting with the graph
Topic: Weight of edges
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Weight of edges

Hi, there. First of all, excuse my english, I am not so good at it, but I will try to be as readable as I can. So, my question is: I want to represent an edge depending on the intensity of the interaction. To be more specific: On Facebook, if node A gives a Like to node B, I consider this to bo an e...