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by lukas-gio
25 Jan 2016 13:06
Forum: Visual Results
Topic: transparent background
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transparent background

how can I set transparent background for export to PNG. When I check this function in 0.9 version, final export (picture) has black background, NOT TRANSPARENT!!! pls help
by lukas-gio
21 Jan 2016 15:36
Forum: Statistics, Clustering & Data Lab
Topic: modularity in Gephi 0.9
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modularity in Gephi 0.9

how can I see modularity in my network with Gephi 0.9??? In 0.8.2 version I used "Partition" tool, but with new version I can use only "Appearance" box.
I have the 2nd question. Is it possible to use "map of counties" plugin in new version Gephi 0.9? Pls help :!:
by lukas-gio
16 Oct 2014 19:52
Forum: Data Import / Export
Topic: problem with import coordinates to Gephi
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problem with import coordinates to Gephi

I need help. I can not import GPS coordinates to gephi. I use DOUBLE for latitude and longitude, but in my Data Table all cells are filled without latitude and longitude. Where is a problem?
Thank you!