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by mbastian
22 Apr 2013 16:16
Forum: GSoC
Topic: Smart color chooser for clusters
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Re: Smart color chooser for clusters

No the development haven't started on that yet. Can you please be more specific about what you mean with the association between nodes and colors? Thanks.
by mbastian
22 Apr 2013 16:13
Forum: Development
Topic: [SOLVED] Maven error
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Re: Maven error

Hi Andy, I would suggest updating Netbeans because you have the 6.8 version and the latest version is 7.3. They made a lot of progress on the Maven support since the 7.0. If that still doesn't work, please describe the steps you're doing more precisely so we can debug.
by mbastian
16 Apr 2013 16:18
Forum: GSoC
Topic: [2013] Present yourself!
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Re: [2013] Present yourself!

On that page, there's a link to an in-progress graphdb benchmarking tool, but I'm not entirely clear on whether that's being designed specifically to work with Gephi, or if it's just an example of the kind of thing you would like implemented. If you could let me know that, as well as some places yo...
by mbastian
09 Jan 2013 23:56
Forum: How-To and Troubleshooting
Topic: [SOLVED] Tools -> Options Not Found Gephi for Mac
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Re: Tools -> Options Not Found Gephi for Mac


on Mac, preferences are located under the application name menu. SImply go to "gephi > Preferences". We should update the tutorial to precise that.
by mbastian
26 Dec 2012 07:46
Forum: Plugins, presets and filters
Topic: Gephi Student Project
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Re: Gephi Student Project

Hi Abhishek, welcome! I'm willing to help you develop your plugin. It should be fairly easy to add a new algorithm in Gephi using Howto write a Metric tutorial. One of the most popular network community detection algorithm is the Girvan–Newman algorithm . It is not available in Gephi and would be a ...
by mbastian
14 Nov 2012 02:52
Topic: Cannot import gephi-toolkit to my nexus/maven environment
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Re: Cannot import gephi-toolkit to my nexus/maven environmen

Hi, you configuration seems fine to me. I doubled check and nothing seems to be limiting access on my side. Can you dig into the Maven/Nexus log files to exactly what's wrong?
by mbastian
16 Oct 2012 16:07
Forum: Alpha/Beta
Topic: Beta Tester program
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Beta Tester program

Hi, lets discuss the new beta tester program on this thread. Beta testers should join the mailing list and fill the questionnaire . Development versions (Nightly build) can be downloaded here: * (Windows & Linux) * gephi-0.8.2-SNAPSHOT.dmg (Mac OS...
by mbastian
09 Oct 2012 16:15
Topic: Can't free memory after using the Gephi Toolkit
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Re: Can't free memory after using the Gephi Toolkit

Each workspace creates one of this thread and I don't think we actually terminate them when the workspace is closed. Also, to really GC all the memory from a project you shouldn't keep any reference to a graph. That said, this code has been written at a time the toolkit didn't exist and probably con...
by mbastian
26 Sep 2012 16:41
Forum: QA: Ideas, Requests and Feedback
Topic: Macbook Pro Retina, OSX 10.8?
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Re: Macbook Pro Retina, OSX 10.8?

Thanks a lot for all the details. I'll include all this in the next release. It will be based on the latest Netbeans Platform as well so we'll benefit fixes there as well. But yeah Apple must really hate Java to make our life so difficult every time they release new software. For the graph itself I'...
by mbastian
25 Sep 2012 16:42
Forum: Installation
Topic: Problem installing Gephi 0.8.1 on Mac OS X 10.8.2
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Re: Problem installing Gephi 0.8.1 on Mac OS X 10.8.2


What do you get when you use the 64-bit version of the JDK? I don't think the 32-bit version would work.